Matcha Green Tea Health Secrets

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Matcha Green Tea Health Secrets

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Why we should all be drinking Matcha green tea, discover its amazing health benefits from weight loss, fighting cancer, heart attack prevention and many more health promoting qualities, also includes healthy 30 minutes Matcha recipes

Lead a healthier life...

If you want yourself and your loved ones to lead a healthier life, eat delicious food, feel great, look fabulous and have tons of energy to enjoy life more then this is the book you need to read. You will discover...

    Chapter 1 - How can Matcha Green Tea help Diabetes Sufferers

    Chapter 2 - Why is Matcha Green Tea Good for Cancer

    Chapter 3 - Matcha Green Tea as an Aid to Weight Loss

    Chapter 4 - Bonus Daily Weight Loss Planner

    Chapter 5 - What is the Significance of Matcha Green Tea in Erection and Impotence Cure

    Chapter 6 - How can Matcha Green Tea Prevent Heart Attack

    Chapter 7 - How can Matcha Green Tea help Alzheimer's Sufferers

    Chapter 8 - Matcha Green Tea Cure for Bad Breath and used as a Natural Mouthwash

    Chapter 9 - Matcha Green Tea Can Help Acne and Pimples

    Chapter 10 - Why is Matcha Green Tea good for Arthritis

    Chapter 11 - Matcha Green Tea Reduces Osteoporosis Risks

    Chapter 12 - Why is Matcha Green Tea Good for Reducing Cholesterol Levels

    Chapter 13 - Green Tea Extract makes Lab Tumours Vanish

    BONUS RECIPES (30 Minutes Low Calorie Matcha Meals including Matcha Desserts and Matcha Cocktails)

My experience...

My personal experience in life prompted me to write this book. I had a wake-up call eight years ago when I ended up in the operating theatre for a blocked kidney, I realized I wasn't taking care of myself properly. The untimely death of my father, aged 43 to diabetes terrified me so I decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle for myself and for my family. This book contains all the incredible health properties of Matcha Green Tea, including delicious, easy to follow low-fat recipes that the whole family can enjoy!

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